Better Late Than Never…Snow Returns to Sugar Bowl!

If patience is a virtue, the 2011/12 ski season should have us all looking pretty good at the Pearly Gates.  Thus far, we’ve all waited patiently and respectfully for the goods to arrive at Sugar Bowl, and last night, arrive they did.  The storm itself mirrored the season itself, in that it actually disappointed at first, but then ultimately delivered.  It slowed its approach, high snow levels sent a bit of “mixed precipitation” at the base area, and overall forecasted accumulations were slightly reduced as a result.  But given our 2012 snow totals at Sugar Bowl thus far, reporting 12” of new snow at the top of Lincoln mid-morning is a joy indeed.  And with plenty of ski season left to be had here at Sugar Bowl, there’s renewed excitement and anticipation that we’ll all be enjoying deep days for a few months to come.  So if you haven’t gotten up to Sugar Bowl yet, come join us…better late than never.

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