Christmas Gifts Gone Missing, and a New Year’s Resolution

Given Santa’s travel schedule, I can understand why the last thing he’d want to gift someone on December 24th would be a massive winter storm.  But truth be told, I was good all year, and it’s all I really asked for, so I’m figuring the Big Guy’s delivery truck was somehow mistakenly diverted north of Tahoe in what turned out to be a cruel mis-delivery of winter goods.  Not to worry, as there’s finally a glimpse of a change in the weather pattern, and I’ll certainly take a present delivered late than not delivered at all.  Thus far this 2011/12 season, the biggest present we’ve received here at Sugar Bowl has been served up nightly by our snowmaking and grooming crews, and truth be told it’s quite an impressive present at that.  I’m pleasantly surprised each and every day at the quality of the sliding surface they’ve produced, a granular corn that holds an edge as good as any springtime corduroy cruiser.  So maybe this year’s New Year’s Resolution is to give a little more thanks for the little things, because, as is often the case, those “little things” actually constitute a colossal undertaking from some unsung hero behind the scenes.  Namely, in this case, someone hauling hundreds of pounds of hose up and down a mountain in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures wearing nothing but sub-zero Carhartt’s.  Impressive work, a job well done, and I’m paying my thanks here for the “little” things…namely awesome skiing & riding in a season that has yet (and I stress “yet”) to see much snow.          


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