A Miracle March

As we all watch the forecasts closely and celebrate the breakdown of the high pressure ridge that has dominated much of the season thus far, I for one choose to not look forward but back.  Back to 1991, and back to 2011, when Miracle March saved the respective ski seasons and had powder hounds – who were just about to throw in the towel and bust out the bike – reaching for their powder boards instead.  In the “spring” of 1991, Sugar Bowl received 240″ of snow, which essentially erased what was till then a less-than-stellar ski season, effectively moving annual snowpack from just 17% of average to 73% – a respectable rebound. A big thanks to our friends at SnowBrains for reminding everyone, and for keeping the stoke alive. Back in 2011, 181″ fell over the course of 10 days, burying the Village and obscuring sight lines to the point that even the most familiar walk seemed strangely foreign.  But one thing was comfortably familiar…it was once again winter in Tahoe, and that wonderful feeling of steep & deep powder skiing which sets everything straight once again.  But in this, the 4th challenging low snow season here in Tahoe, the importance of a Miracle March goes beyond just powder hounds getting their turns in and ski resorts welcoming back passholders and day skiers.  As much of California relies on the Sierra snowpack for their community’s water, we need it more than ever.  Good news is, temps are dropping, high pressure is moving on, and perhaps most importantly, we’re almost to March.  Bring it on.  Stay tuned to all operational updates and weather forecasts on www.sugarbowl.com/weather and we’ll see you up here soon.

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