Why Sugar Bowl-Royal Gorge?

Run with the marketing crowd long enough and eventually you become numb to the marketing speak…”what we’re going to do is leverage our core value proposition with impactful feature/benefit messaging that increases visitation and then deliver an in-resort experience  that bolsters our net promoter score.  OK, sounds good, so…tell people about your resort in a cool enough way that makes them want to ski here, and be sure to pay attention to the details so everyone has a really good time.  Check.

It’s not enough to simply say what you do well.  Every resort does things well.  It’s important to communicate what you do, and what you have, that’s different to all the resorts out there.  And it’s not just enough to point those items out, you need to communicate why it should matter the end user.  Identifying key differentiators is a classic marketing exercise, but oh so important.  it can be a tough endeavor nailing the perfect verbiage, but when you do you have an effective message for potential guests:  who you are, what you do, what you’ve got, how you do it, and why they should come check it out.  So, with all that said, click here to check out Sugar Bowl Resort’s key differentiators, and read a little more about them in this blog post below.

Vast and varied terrain across four mountain peaks.  For me, the key takeaway in this one is that it’s lift-serviced skiing & riding on all 4 peaks, since we installed the new Summit Chair on Judah a few years back, and the awesome new Crow’s Peak chair just last season.

The most snow in Tahoe.  500″ on average.  That’s quantified braggin rights, in arguably the most important element of skiing.  Donner Summit gets hammered with the good stuff.

Shortest lift lines and least crowded slopes.  now more than ever, this point matters.  With season pass sales at other resorts going low price/high volume, the experience is inevitably impacted.  Up here, it’s not uncommon to ski straight to the chairs and every run has plenty of elbow room.

Massive backcountry access.  Sure some say we’re a smaller resort with 1700 skiable acres and 1500 vert, but the truth is, with an open boundary policy (and a team of professional guides at the BAC to take you out there if needed) we’re infinitely bigger.  And some of the BC terrain up here on Donner Summit is simply incredible.

World-class instruction.  Not just at the ski school, but a great ski team and a brand new Ski Academy campus that’s putting skiers on podiums as well as students in college.

North America’s largest XC resort.  Over 100 trails and 200km’s of groomed XC track across 6,000 acres of jaw-dropping terrain.  California’s first and only snowkiting school, and a fleet of fat tire snowbikes.  Pretty cool.

Closest location and hassle-free access.  Why drive all the way into the Basin when you can pull over on Donner Summit and enjoy all this, at the closest major Tahoe resort to Sacramento and the Bay Area.

America’s only snowbound Village.  It’s actually quite magical, a snowbound village with no roads in or out.  A stay at the Lodge at Sugar Bowl is a must.

By families, for families.  California owned & operated since 1939.

More than a resort, a community.  Villagers, Academy kids, ski teamers and guests, all enjoying a classic Tahoe ski experience.

Last one?  Sugar Bowl celebrates 75 years next season…we were the first ones up here doing this, so we’ve learned a lot along the way about how to do it right.

So… grab a season pass and join us for the fun & festivities.  Enjoy the summer (but pray for snow).

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