Banzai Humbles, Confirms

I just watched the video edit (shot 100% on GoPro) of this year’s Silver Belt Banzai racing action.  It further served to confirm that I, a lifelong skier, have no idea how to ski like that.  From the top of the Gully to the bottom of the Steilhang in under a minute…crazy.  And quite admirable.  These guys and girls let it all hang out in a mad dash for not just cash, but serious bragging rights.  And while certainly progressive, it’s actually a throwback to how we all used to ski as kids…first one down wins.  And while that sounds quite simple, throw in three other skiers, on either side of you, as you barrel down the course, and now not so much.  So today, I threw on the boots and headed to the top of the gully to give it a go and check my own time.  Thankfully, I was interrupted by an important phone call (saved by the bell…I am on the clock, after all), so I was saved the humiliation, well at least for another day.  But hey, if you subscribe to the adage that “most fun wins”, as I certainly do, then what’s it matter…we’re all enjoying spring skiing under warm sunny California skies, and more importantly there’s no one on my right throwing an elbow as they try to pass.  And that’s always nice.  The Banzai, at its core, is about having fun, and we all had a bit of that this year.  Kudos to Sugar Bowl’s own Daron Rahlves, for yet another successful event.

To watch the POV edit from the 2014 Silver Belt Banzai at Sugar Bowl and Rahlves’ Banzai Tour Super Final, go to



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