Over the Meadow and Through the Woods

A bit of a slow start to the season up here at Sugar Bowl, although I will attest that the skiing is actually pretty good up there right now…there’s just not too much of it to choose from.  BIG kudos to our mountain ops crew for laying down amazing man-made snow and grooming it to perfection.   And I give even bigger thanks to the crew prepping the XC skiing & skating over at Royal Gorge Cross Country.  It only takes a couple feet of snow to get the snowmobiles out there pulling the tidd tech’s behind, laying down great corduroy for all to enjoy.  And it’s quite a festive holiday endeavor too…out there enjoying the cold and snowy meadows, striding through the woods while getting in a great workout to boot.  And if that helps justify plate #2 at Christmas dinner, or that 2nd glass of egg nog thereafter, even better.  Check out daily XC conditions reports at the all new www.royalgorge.com (and be sure to check out the new fat tire snowbiking trails this year while you’re at it!).




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