I once worked for a then-dominant ski resort conglomerate that had a penchant for using acronyms on nearly everything we did.  From CST to IRG to the inevitable IPO, it kept you on your toes. When we acquired a travel company, as part of their roll-in we had to create a glossary of acronyms just so they knew what we were all talking about.  My buddy in yield management (RMD) used to drop a gem on people riddling off sequential acronyms, stopping them mid-sentence with a simple “DYA”.  Define Your Acronym.  It was brilliant, in that it would force people to stop and ask “What’s DYA?”, further serving its very point that one should  be more clear with what they say, so those in the room don’t need to be code breakers just to get the point.  Anyway, we just got 2-4″ here at SBR and RGXC, and NOAA and NWS says more is on the way, so S&M is FOC to get the word out via the CMS and WWW, but opening day is still TBD.  Stay tuned to www.sugarbowl.com for updates!


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