The Scariest Thing About Halloween

It’s not the thought of seeing your neighbor dressed up as his favorite 80’s hair metal band.  It’s not the fact that your roommate is going as a girl and he actually looks better as a she.  It’s not even the fact that your kid is about to ingest 3 pounds of chocolate-covered sugar zombies.  Nope, the scariest thing about Halloween is the terrifying reality that it’s the last day to get your Sugar Bowl season pass at the lowest price of the year.  There’s no trick to it, just treat yourself to a season pass accessing the most snow in Tahoe, the new Crow’s Peak chair, the largest XC resort in North America, and the closest location to the Bay and Sacramento.  Don’t make the day any scarier than it already is…check out and the all new to find the pass that’s right for you.

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