The Lowdown on the Throwdown

It’s back, the 2nd annual Ski Town Throwdown.  A great concept similar to March Madness, where Powder Magazine simply brackets ski towns against each other, with the last one standing crowned the most awesomest town in the land.   There are little-known Cinderellas going up against corporate mega-resorts, and hardcore purists going up against recently fabricated faux-villages.  And that’s the beauty of it…if you dig the town you live in, then cast your vote.  It’s truly a great catalyst for expressing civic pride, and a bit of fun to boot.  Most ski towns are great, simply because there’s skiing to be had there, but each town brings its own flavor and and its own swagger (or shun swagger in its entirety), and here’s a chance to see who does it best.  I once had a “resort marketer” try to tell me that, deep down, everyone who visits our ski resort wants to be a local.  I couldn’t disagree more.  That idea totally discounts the concept of civic pride, the notion that people actually like where they decide to live…which should run deep for everyone considering it represents nothing less than where you decided to put down roots, raise a family (or not), and ultimately spend the majority of your life.  I like to travel, but I don’t go to each and every destination I visit wishing I was a local.  I like visiting, and I like returning…which is why I’ll cast my vote for Sugar Bowl here

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