When Average is Above Average

To quote someone who hails from somewhere, who said something profound at some time…”it’s all relative”.

Case in point:  a deep & wintery 500″ season following a thin and dismal 200″ season will seem quite epic, while a 500″ season following an 800″ season will seem…well, still pretty epic, provided you get out there and play in it enough.  But you get the point…it’s all relative.

Last week NOAA announced their 2013/14 winter forecast (read it here: http://snowbrains.com/north-american-201314-winter-weather-forecast-from-noaa/) and from what I can tell, we’re gearing up for an average year.  And while “average” might conjur images of blah, thoughts of mediocrity, and visions of your high school English teacher dropping a paper on your desk with a big red “C” on it, I, for one, couldn’t be happier with the thought of an “average” year.  Especially after two challenging back-to-back seasons…one that saw no snow till March (too little too late) and another that saw a great early-season storm and nothing after that (good skiing, no skiers).  Another case in point:  “average” for Sugar Bowl Resort is 500″.  That “averages”, evenly dispersed, to just under two feet of snow, every week, from November through April.  In other words, average for Sugar Bowl Resort is a whole lot of powder days. 

So I guess I’m content with mediocrity.  I guess I’m OK with the thought of an average season.  There are “equal chances” we’ll see average precip this winter.  Well, it certainly helps that our averages here at Sugar Bowl are so above average.

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