New Lift, More Terrain, Better Memories

When I think about some of my favorite chairlifts in all of Ski Country – Vail’s Chair 10, Copper’s Rezo, A Basin’s Pali, Squaw’s KT, Whistler’s Peak, to name but a few – I rarely think of the chair itself, or even necesarily about the terrain beneath it.  While terrain certainly matters (we’re skiers, of course), when asked to name my favorite chairlifts my mind conjours up some simple criteria:  did the chair consistently provide great times with great friends, and ultimately make for some great memories?  If so, it’s a great chair.  And that’s precisely why I’m looking forward to Sugar Bowl’s new Crow’s Peak Chair opening this winter, a fixed-grip triple serving the advanced/expert terrain on the west side of the resort.  I’ve hiked and skied it plenty and really love it, but now we’re going to have a whole new zone that will make for a whole new set of memories, lapping the lift with close friends & family that might not have otherwise wnadered over there. Check it out at and come up this winter to ski & ride it with us, it’s going to be a great chair.  And if great great memories really are the criteria for designating a chair as great, truth be told I’d be hard pressed to find one better than a simple, low-level, beginner-frinedly fixed-grip quad at Sugar Bowl called Nob Hill…where me and my two year old boy first skied together.

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