How to Properly Fit a Helmet

Helmets have grown to become a standard piece of equipment for skiers and snowboarders today alike.          

A far departure from the “egghead” shaped models designed in the 90’s, today’s helmets are sleek, stylish and lightweight enough to be worn comfortably in any conditions. Technical features have also come forward in leaps and bounds, leading to better fit and protective function in more affordable packages.

            When fitting a helmet, it is important to ensure that there is a snug, but not “tight” fit around the head, with no awkward pressure points at the forehead or temples. Also, ensure that the helmet sits level on the head, with a straight angle across the forehead. All too often people wear helmets which are either too loose or too big resulting in an exposed forehead and severely restricted protection. Hats and beanies worn underneath, while providing extra insulation and warmth, will actually create a layer of dead space between the skull and helmet, increasing the acceleratory force between the helmet and head, and thus diminishing protection. It is therefore imperative that if something is worn over the head between the helmet that it is as thin as possible. Silk-weight liners are perfect for such use, however many will find that modern lined helmets provide sufficient warmth and storm protection for most conditions.

            Lastly, make sure it looks good! Many companies are now taking the integration between goggle and helmet to be a serious issue when fitting a helmet.

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