Layering your clothes is extremely important when regulating your body temperature. It is crucial when in the outdoors to have the right layers so that you won’t get too cold or too hot. Your layers must keep your body at a temperature that keeps you warm without causing you to sweat. The key to staying warm is starting with a good base layer then getting a mid layer and finishing with an outer layer.

            Base layers are the layer of clothing worn closest to the skin, with the primary purpose being to wick moisture/perspiration away from your body, thus keeping you dry and subsequently warm.  After your base layer you have your mid layer and outer layer. The mid layer is going to supply you with the most warmth and will be heavier than your outer layer and base layer. Once you have your base layer and mid layer chosen you then need an outer layer. There are three things to look for when buying an outer layer; if it is breathable, waterproof, and light. You want your outer layer to have a high waterproof rating to ensure you that you will stay dry. You also want it to have a high breathability rating to help let moisture out of your layers. Finally your outer layer should also be light and comfortable so that it is easy to move around in.

Stay warm, dry, and happy on the mountain!!


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