Goggle Care Tips 101

Always take good care of your goggles and they will last you a long time and stay clear on the slopes.

1. Never put them on your forehead or beanie, as the steam from your head will fog your goggles very quickly.

2. Try not to touch the inside of the lens of your goggles. There is an anti fog coating on the lens and each time it is touched it rubs a little off.

3. Always use a micro-fiber cloth to clean your goggles (never use paper towels or Kleenex as this can scratch your lenses). Most high quality goggles come with a goggle bag made from micro-fiber.

4. Dry your goggles before storing them overnight. If they are put away when they are wet or snowy the moisture can cause condensation between the lenses which is nearly impossible to get out. This applies to storing them in a locker, boot bag or even their own goggle bag.

5. Store your goggles with the lens facing up. Do not place lens down on table or other hard surfaces. This may scratch and damage your lenses.

These 5 simple steps will keep your goggles in great condition and working well for you for a long season of skiing and riding.


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