Sugar Bowl is proud to be recognized as a Top 25 Ski Resort in North America, as voted by the incredibly bright, accurately observant folks over at Outside magazine.  Full disclosure?  We came in at #25.  But hey that still makes us a Top 25 resort, right?  Marketing hyperbole aside, the point is that we’re thrilled to be recognized, and proud of the product we’ve been putting out up here on Donner Summit for the past 73 years.  Sure there might be a few resorts out there that are bigger (few are deeper) or have better nightlife or more shopping, but it’s refreshing to see a vote recognize the core of what we do, the essence of what we all like to do, as skiers & riders…and that’s to ski & ride.  Quite simply, it’s authentic alpine adventure delivered with a guest-centric approach, whereby everyone has the freedom to enjoy nature unobstructed, and feel like there’s value to the visit.  Just a quick thanks to Outside magazine for recognizing Sugar Bowl as a Top 25 resort, and an invite to everyone out there to come on up this season and find out why. Check out the vote, http://www.outsideonline.com/adventure-travel/north-america/The-Best-Ski-Resorts-in-North-America-25-Sugar-Bowl-Resort.html and we’ll see you up here at Sugar Bowl soon.


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