The Finish Line is the Starting Line

I love announcing opening day.

Each and every fall, as a resort marketing department, we endure the arduous tasks of launching a ski season… finalizing program details, updating content, proofing brochures, revamping websites, hiring staff, landing sponsors, setting prices, coordinating ski shows, finding swag, selling groups, designing ads, working PR, posting social, (managing the CEO), and, apropros…updating blogs.

But then it happens…the announcement from Mountain Ops comes in, and it’s on.  WEAREOPENING.  All of a sudden, priorities change from being a marketing coordinator or a sales manager of a Director of This & That, and we’re (thankfully, finally) reminded that we’re about to go skiing, and that, ultimately, is what it’s all about.

Hard work should culminate with a finish line, no question, because that’s the ultimate sense of accomplishment.  But the irony of this situation is that all the hard work in pushing to the finish line actually ends with a starting line…we’ve worked hard, and now we get to go skiing.  And thankfully, as diehard skiers & riders, the starting line is a beautiful thing…filled with the anticipation of deep powder days, high speed corduroy cruisers, solitary tree runs and the undeniable, alluring and utterly compelling beauty of winter in the mountains.

I’m pleased to report that Sugar Bowl just received more than 18” of new snow, on top of the 42” we received before that, and that we’ll be opening next weekend, November 17/18, for top-to-bottom skiing on Disney, Nob Hill, Christmas Tree and Lincoln Express lifts, for what is sure to be a <enter marketing superlative> launch to the season.

Stay tuned-in here >>>

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