A Refresher Course in Taking it to the Top

Early-season snow storms do a lot more than just stoke the pow-hungry fire inside us all, they serve as an important reminder that winter driving can be a serious endeavor and can catch even the most seasoned of us off guard.  A November commute in 4 inches is somehow, strangely, not all that unlike a February commute in 4 feet.  It gets a bit crazy out there, as Mother Nature simply reminds us all that she can handily beat CalTrans every time.  So a timely reminder that, if you live anywhere on the western side of Donner Summit, Sugar Bowl Resort is the closest major Tahoe resort to Sacramento and the Bay Area.  When you ski & ride at Sugar Bowl, you enjoy far less time on the road and behind the wheel, and subsequently way more time out on the mountain.  And with the lack of crowds once you’re here, you’ll spend less time standing in lines, and more time skiing around finding lines.  So next time up to Tahoe, hop off I-80 at the top of the Summit instead of descending with the masses into the Basin…enjoy the easy access, the hundreds of free slopeside parking spots, the awesome skiing & riding and of course the friendly staff dedicated to the experience.  And at the end of the ski day, when you hop back on the road to head back home, you’ll be that much farther ahead of everyone else still down in Tahoe.  But if it’s still early season, and there’s a winter storm upon us, take it from me as after tonight’s commute I can certainly attest…if you haven’t gotten your snow tires put on yet, don’t drive as if you did. 


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