Procrastinate, then Recreate.

Seems like most of summer and all of fall we remind our loyal Sugar Bowl skiers & riders that if they want the best deal of the year on their Season Pass, then they need to purchase it by October 31st.  And every year, the vast majority of our loyal skiers & riders don’t get it BY the 31st, they get it ON the 31st.  I love it.  It’s like a quantified turn of the corner…on October 30th it’s still sort of summer, maybe a bit of fall, but on October 31st we’re officially going crazy and into the ski season ahead (of course last week’s 42” of snow might skew my logic just a bit here, but you get the point).  Phones are lighting up all day with amped-up skiers & riders pulling the trigger on their hard-earned season passes and the season-long access to all the powder days, cruisers, parks, steeps and groomers that come with it.  This could really make for a quality psychological experiment on why we all (well, most of us) wait till the last minute to do what we do…perhaps we could title it “Procrastinate, then Recreate”.  Wait till the last minute to get your pass, but then go have fun all season long with it.  But regardless of pulling the trigger early or waiting till the last minute, either way, there are a whole lot of happy skiers & riders out there on November 1st, because they have their Sugar Bowl Season Pass at the ready, and they’re all set for what is sure to be an awesome season.  Oh and for any of you hardcore procrastinators down in the Bay Area that didn’t event bother to purchase your pass by 10/31, just stop by our booth at one of the upcoming Snowbomb Ski & Board Festivals and we’ll get you set up with a Sugar Bowl Season Pass at the early season rate…but don’t be surprised if we give you just a little bit of grief to go along with it.  See you on the mountain – or at the ski shows – very soon!

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