Hurry Up & Wait, Wait Some More, Catch Up Quick, Go Long then Call it a Day

Closing weekend at a ski resort.  That bittersweet time of year when we say goodbye to lift-serviced skiing & riding, yet look forward to a summer spent in the saddle, under the water and out on the course.  And, of course, catching up with those strangers we call our families, who we haven’t really seen since Thanksgiving. 

Looking back at 11/12, this was one of the more interesting seasons I’ve had.  It all started out well and good, as it often does, with autumn travels off the mountain to big cities below, spending time at ski shows, talking up deeps days and powder pursuits with fellow adrenaline junkies, capped by big nights out with reps from other resorts, celebrating the good days that lay ahead.   And as we all headed home to the first snowfalls of the year, the hype machine begins in earnest, and we crank up the lifts to lap high speed corduroy cruisers and get those ski legs back underneath, prepped and ready for the deep days ahead.  But a funny thing happened this year…we kept lapping high speed corduroy cruisers, for most all of December.  Into January.  Then all of February.  Crazy.  Numbers dwindled as people lost interest, with many already deeming 11/12 a lost season.  And then March rolled in like a lion, or perhaps more like a polar bear, because, after waiting around for most of the season, having painfully watched many otherwise-enthusiasts mentally throw in the towel, 200” of the good stuff dropped on Donner Pass, and we all rejoiced the best way we know how…by dropping all responsibilities and heading out on the hill to get some.  Of course, for the dedicated (and lucky) few, heading out on the hill is in fact the sum of their responsibilities…ah to be young or unemployed.  April then brought 5 more feet of snow and we all relished in the fact that we were going to finish strong.  We even pushed back closing date at Sugar Bowl two whole weeks.  And here we are, closing weekend at a ski resort. 

A big thanks to all our hard working staff for putting out an awesome product start-to-finish, to our dedicated guests for sticking with us through the thick and thin this season, and to Mother Nature for finally making an appearance…I’ll be sure to get that invite in the mail a little earlier next year.

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