The Final Four

And we’re not talking hoops…

We’re down to the final four weeks of the ski season, and I think the seasons themselves are a bit confused.  After waiting around all winter for, well, winter, spring finally arrives and we finally get winter.  And while some skiers & riders may have mentally thrown in the towel at the end of February, chalking it up as a lost season, there’s pent up demand out there for more powder days before we break out the bikes and reach for the golf clubs…and thankfully, Mother Nature is delivering at Sugar Bowl Resort.  As of 3:30pm on 3/31, we’ve received 200” of snow for the month of March…that’s nearly 17 FEET! (OK, so I went ahead and poached the 2/29 snow total of 14″ from February’s “leap year” to help us get to 200″, but I figure 3 out of 4 years that date actually belongs to March anyway, and since it’s pounding snow out there right now and we’re all waking up to 18” new on April 1st, no fooling, it all seems justified).  So, quantified, this has saved our mental state.  It’s awesome seeing Sugar Bowl’s season passholders coming out in such strong numbers, finally getting the powder value from their passes that they’ve been waiting for.  And the day skier’s here too, as the word is out that this is not, in fact, “too little too late”.  Rather, it’s just Mother Nature felling lazy in 2012 and showing up just a little late to the party.  Better late than never.  So come on up to Sugar Bowl, where we’re celebrating winter…well into April.

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