Miracle March Madness

So maybe your favorite team hasn’t done as well this season as you’d hoped.  And maybe your favorite mountain hasn’t gotten as many powder days as you’d like (yet).  But there’s one brief window in March where there’s still hope.  Where speculation rules.  Where predictions actually matter.  Where it pays to dust off your crystal ball and cast your best guess.  An educated guess on who’s going to win the big game; a hopeful guess at just how much snow we’re all  going to enjoy from now to the end of the ski season.  Sure, you can study the maps, analyze the stats, even consult with fellow enthusiasts to collaborate and scheme, but the true fun of it all comes when you actually put your head down and pencil out the winners, and then see the beauty of your predictions come to fruition.  And we’ve all taken our best guess at just how much snow we’re going to see from now to the end of the season, and how we’re going to enjoy a Miracle March.  And now, when we stomp through the snow at 5:30 am for the day’s snow report and have the pleasure of penciling out the fact that we’ve received 20-28” in the past 24 hours and that there’s another 3 to 5 feet en route…that’s our Miracle March Madness.  And I’m hopping off the bench to get my minutes…good thing I’ve been practicing all season.

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